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What’s Fascinating About DOBOT MOOZ 3?

The newly introduced modular color-mixing 3D printer DOBOT MOOZ-3 features a delta structure and high printing efficiency. Equipped with a three-color print head, you can easily create mixed color printing artworks, by setting different feeding speed and printing time of the three differently colored raw filaments.

Two color-mixing modes are at your will to 3D print your desired color patterns. Quick assembly, easy-to-use controller, rich printing color patterns make MOOZ suitable for beginners, designers, educators and artists. It’s time to say good-bye to monotonous single-color printing and welcome more beautiful and colorful 3D prints!

Upgraded Features at a Glance

Wi-Fi Connectivity

DOBOT MOOZ now allows anyone to wirelessly send files from their mobile phones to the 3D printer with no cable needed, sparing you all the hassle of wire setting or computer connection.

Glass Heated Bed

Glass heated bed that improves the flatness and stickiness of your prints to the fullest, also comes with a sticker to protect the glass bed from any potential damages.

Color Mixing

Up to 3 differently colored filaments through 1 nozzle in two printing modes including color-switch and color-blending. Different colors will blend together perfectly or switch seamlessly for faster and finer results.

Resume After Power-Loss

If the machine crashes or a power outage occurs, the state of the current print job (SD card only) will be saved to a file on the SD card, the firmware will present an option to Resume the interrupted print job.

Key Features

3-in 1-out Mix Color Print Head

Born for color-mixing 3D printing, MOOZ-3 shows super high efficiency and incredible fidelity. By using a 0.4mm nozzle, it provides you with detailed and gorgeous results. The 3-in 1-out mix color print head not only gives a rich mixture of color combination of the printing objects, but also brings forth high efficiency and ultra-fast printing speeds. Different colors will blend together perfectly so that you create multi-color objects without encountering any trouble.

Two Printing Schemes of Mixing Colors

DOBOT MOOZ 3 enables you to print up to 3 different colored filaments at the same time. It supports two color-mixing methods: multi-color switching and blending color, unleashing all your imagination with colorful printing. Compared to RGB, CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) ensures that the printing colors are consistent with the design. You can get blending color or mix color for one printing project, completely inspiring the artist in you!

Easy-to-use Controller and Mobile App

DOBOT MOOZ-3 is equipped with a microcomputer touch screen controller for you to start the creating process by just one touch. With the simple but powerful MOOZ app, you can transfer G-Code files wirelessly and conveniently as long as your phone is connected with the 3D printer under the same network, sparing you all the trouble of setting the wiring or connecting a computer.

Creations from DOBOT MOOZ-3 Customers

Specs MOOZ 3

Modeling Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling

Frame Material

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

File Transfer

Wi-Fi, USB Cable, USB Disk


100 - 240V 50/60Hz 1.8Amax

Supported OS

macOS, Windows


3.5’ LCD touch pad

Overall Dimensions

Φ13.78 * 12.8 inches

Auto-leveling & Filament Sensor

Wi-Fi Connection

Resume After Power-Loss

Magnetic Heated Bed

Layer Resolution

50 - 300 microns

Build Volume

Φ3.94" * 3.94"

Supported Materials

1.75mm PLA, ABS

Printer Head Travel Speed

10~100 mm/s

Nozzle Diameter

0.4 mm

Nozzle Temperature


Heated Bed

Up to 100℃

Supported File Types

STL, OBJ, G-Code


Cura, Simplify 3D, Slic3r

Working Mode

Online or SD offline

Package List

1. Mooz Three Z-axis 3D Printer *1
2. 8-core Cable *2
3. USB 2.0 Cable (A-male to B-male) *1
4. 12V Power Adapter *1
5. Hex Screwdrivers & Serveral M3x8 Hex Screws
6. 250g PLA Filament *3
7. Filament Support *1
8. Extruder *3

Files Description Download

Mobile APP for Android

The main updates are:

1. Improved the stability of file transferring.
2. Compatible with more Android mobiles.

Note: Only machine with WiFi feature are supported.

Cura 3.1.0 64Bit

Cura is an open source software designed by Ultimaker,

3D printing slicing software.

Touchpad Firmware

WiFi Version

Touchpad Firmware

No WiFi Version

Mainboard Firmware

WiFi Version

Mainboard Firmware

No WiFi Version

User Instruction Manual

MOOZ-3 with WiFi Version

3D Printing Test Files

for MOOZ 3

Cura Instruction

how to create Gcode file supported by MOOZ

Name Video Tutorials

Assemble MOOZ-3

Three-point Calibration

Clean Clogging

Set the Zero Point

Color-mixing 3D Printing